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brass tubing
pipe cutter
brass wire
plant or curious item

Cut your tubing using the pipe cutter or another safe metal cutting tool. You will need to cut: 3 small, 6 medium & 3 long pieces. The three smallest will need to be large enough to hold the base of your vessel while the medium will need to be large enough to hold the sides of your vessel. The long pieces will tower over your vessel and hold all the smaller parts together.
Cut the following sizes for your HIMMELI planter:

3 small: 3 1⁄4 inches
6 medium: 4 3/8 inches
3 long: 12 inches


1. Wire: Measure and cut along piece of brass wire that is longer than 3 small and 6 medium pieces combined.
2. Small triangle with tail: Thread your string through the 3 small tubes and connect the ends together to make a triangle leaving one end short for a tail and the other very long. TIP: Your last of 4 triangles should end at the short end of the wire so, work around your initial triangle with your long end of wire.
3. Medium triangle:Thread 2 medium pieces on to the long end of the wire to make another triangle by twisting the ends together.



4. Two more medium triangles: Repeat step 3 to make two additional triangles (you should have 4 triangles all together).
5. Wire: Cut three pieces of wire at least 2 inches longer than you longer remaining tubes.
6. Loop wire for long tubes:Loop each piece of long wire around each top corner of each medium triangles and twist leaving one short end less than one inch and one long end longer than the length of the remaining long tubes


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7. Last three long tubes: Thread each long tube over the long end of wire that is attached to the end of each medium triangle. TIP: Tuck in the twist with excess short end (cut end if needed for easier tucking).
8. Connect tails: Take the end of each of long wire to create a point at their meeting place and twist them together before tucking them in.
9. Loop: Create a loop to hang your planter by twisting more wire in a loop at the point of your planter. Add your vessel and enjoy!


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