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After living in the same city in the same island nation for 8 years, I decided it was time for some epic journeys. So, in the past 2 years I have lived in four countries and passed through countless more.

My photography has always had an essence of escapism; something that was brought to the forefront as I made my way across continents immersed in different experiences and landscapes. I feel I’m probably the same as many traveling photographers in that I need to get under the skin of a place and try and capture something you can’t find on the tourist guides.

Inspiration comes from aspects that are mundane and everyday to the locals – a mega mall surrounded by dusty fields of eucalyptus or the crashing juxtaposition of ancient and futuristic in Shanghai. Photography helps me to make sense of new surroundings. And it was this endeavor that led me to ride every train line to the end in Melbourne, meet for coffee with potential collaborators via Craigslist in Berlin, follow the steep curves of Istanbul’s Karakoy neighbourhood, sleep in a deserted Hotel in the Romanian alps, play dress-up on the streets of Hackney and ride a bicycle amongst troglodyte dwellings in Cappadocia.

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When I’m traveling I like to shoot mainly on my Pentax 35mm as it’s so lightweight and easy, sometimes the Mamiya 7ii 120mm comes out if it’s a special occasion and when I’ve run out of film I won’t hesitate to use my DSLR. My main travel companion is my boyfriend who is a filmmaker. We spur each other on to have no regrets about a precious missed shot.

Seeing new places never gets old and I always feel gratefully elated whenever I get to do it. I think this buoyant dream-like feeling has seeped into my images.

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