Photos | Ran Benazra
Words | Matt Thompson


Not too long ago, we connected with Ran Benazra, a creative who is exploring the freedom of sharing his passions by his own rules.

By paving his own path, he’s identifying what matters to him… shaping the conversation with his community and discovering how different materials, resources and processes will influence his own creative expression.

So, read on and peer into Ran’s world. And, consider these questions:

What are you here to share and how can you uniquely share it?

Can you describe your creative process? 

My projects are influenced by nature and places I’ve explored.

Once coming back, I’ll spread my photos, illustrations and notes taken throughout the journey in front of me, trying to pinpoint the unique aesthetic of each place I visit – colors, textures, atmosphere and general feeling.

Then I take the essence of it and try to find the right technique to pair it with while assigning it to a brief. I’m always exploring the relationship between nature and the modern design world.

Are you currently working on any projects?

Yes. In the last two years I had the chance to visit the arctic circle twice (Iceland and Swedish Lapland). Something about the harsh environment of the Arctic/tundra really fascinate me.

I’m exploring glacial movements while raising awareness to glaciers retreating around the northern hemisphere duo to the rising temperatures, using an audiovisual installation that includes an advanced video-mapping technique.

How would you describe your design style?

I don’t think I have a definite style.

I like experimenting with new tools and techniques all the time. I would say that the main goal in my works is to find the right balance between the modern design world and the more natural ‘roughness’ materials given by nature. And I do that by analog work and traditional techniques for the most part.

Where do you find your inspiration as a creative?

My inspiration mostly comes from my travels. Nature motives plays a big role in my work. Also, the internet has grown to be one of my biggest resources for inspiration along with music and adventure / exploration books.

Do you have any specific goals that you are working toward?

Not in particular.

I do have an exciting journey to the Faroe Islands coming later this year. This perhaps will be an opportunity to come up with a new set of materials and inspiration for my next work.

What’s your favorite project to have worked on?

The project I am currently working on. This is the first time I get to do whatever I want as part of my studies. I’ve started this project last year while designing a series of packages for Icelandic salt using Cyanotype as my main tool to convey and create the textures and the feel of cold, fresh and somewhat powerful feeling I’ve experienced while visiting the island.

From this point, my interest in glaciers grew as I discovered Chris Watson’s Vatnajökull track from his album ‘Weather Report’ – 18 beautiful minutes of alien sounds recorded deep within a crevice in a giant Icelandic icecap.

Favorite musicians?

Just like my design style, I don’t think I can pinpoint a specific musician.

My eclectic playlist consists numerous different genres, from classical, electronic and ethnic to yoik and ambient movie scores. Each genre triggers a different part of thinking throughout my creative process. Here’s a few – The Caretaker, Max Richter, Sofia Jannok, The Knife, Fever Ray Olafur Arnalds, Pit Baumgartner.

Do you have any life advice for other creatives?

Go out and explore, experience different sceneries, cultures and languages.

It sounds like a cliche but It truly made a difference in the way I approach my work and life in general. It fills me with inspiration and I always come back eager to create.

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