Photos | Grant Puckett
Words | Matt Thompson

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For all of us at Howl, the end of this year is a time of reflection, appreciation, and preparation for progress. We are making new plans, leaving old habits behind and focusing on what fills us up — what inspires and fuels us.

While 2016 may have been a tough one, it also brought an incredible wealth of insight, experience and invaluable life lessons. It was a testing ground, bringing priorities to light and encouraging a more passion-centered life path.

So, as we get ready to step from the old into the new, we’re looking around The Club House at Howl to appreciate the partners who continue to raise the bar… 

And, gleaming in the muted sunlight of this Downtown Long Beach shop, bringing beauty into our lives through hues of pink, caramel, tortoise and green sits Garrett Leight Optical.

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The first time we covered Garrett Leight (endearingly, GLCO) was back in the Howl Adventure Guide, V2 – our globally-distributed print publication. He spoke about the importance of health, time with family, cutting out stress, staying positive and inspiring creativity wherever possible and…

Embracing the past while looking forward.

Since that feature, they’ve been on an incredible journey and as we call 2016 to a close, we’re once again taking inspiration from this remarkable brand.

GLCO is built on a foundation of quality and attention to detail with Venice, CA roots, creating handmade frames that are finished with the finest materials and processes by the best eyeware makers in the world. They’ve sourced materials from Italy, Japan and China to ensure that the glasses you take with you on any adventure deserve to be there, every day.

They know that in a world of more choices, options and clutter than ever before, “The details are not the details; they create the product.”

So go here, examine their work for yourself, and pick up a pair at 20% OFF (With the code WINTER20) before our Holiday sale ends at midnight tonight, 12/30/2016.

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