Peering into the world of any creative is an experience in and of itself.

Imagination fuels what we believe to be possible and the pursuit of that possibility leads us to push past boundaries, creating something new for ourselves and the world to admire and enjoy.

For Cameron Gardner, a Los Angeles, CA based photographer, inspiration is everywhere. With eyes wide, his creative pursuit is one of authentic desire to capture moments with heart…

The result is a series a photographs that captivate and intrigue you. Landscapes that ooze depth and inspire you to repeatedly scan the details are paired with portraits bathed in colors so vivid you want to reach out and touch them as you smile back at the screens.

Continue reading, get to know Cameron a little more intimately through this Q&A as his images transport you around the globe, and let yourself get swept up in the beauty of our natural world.

  • 1_gardner_20150808_DSC8918
  • Anthony Jeanes highlining in the Santa Monica Mountains
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  • gardner_20140510_DSC1028

Where do you find inspiration?  

Inspiration is all around us and for me it can come from anything. For the most part, I find inspiration in my surroundings, a great conversation, music and spending time outdoors.

What’s your absolute favorite travel spot or travel memory?

Definitely spending time in the Sierra Nevada Mountains or driving on the 101 in Northern California.

What’s your favorite project of the last year?

I shot a series of photos for a company called Oru Kayak. They make kayaks that fold up into a box that you can take anywhere… It was such an awesome experience. Before that I had never been kayaking and it made it possible to explore Southern California waterways in a new way.

  • Julien Desforges Highlining above Moab, UT
  • 2_gardner_20140920_DSC1079
  • gardner_20140920_DSC1095
  • gardner_20140920_DSC1252

What differentiates your photography style from all the other photographers out there?

My work overall is a bit more travel and adventure influenced than the average lifestyle photographer. A lot of my work comes from real moments and I try to keep it that way rather than have it be a contrived or forced process. This way the work can be fully authentic and evoke genuine emotions with each viewer.

Why photography? How’d you get your started and why did you keep at it?

I just can’t get enough of it. I started shooting for fun in high school photographing friends, music shows and bands. From there, I continued studying photography in college and haven’t looked back since.

What do you want to be doing in 20 years?

20 years… That’s so hard to imagine, haha. I’m really excited to see how the industry as well as the technology I’m using changes in that time period. Mainly, I still want to be shooting and traveling consistently.

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  • gardner_20141223DSC00864
  • gardner_20150514DSC01256
  • gardner_20140308_DSC8148

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There’s a world out there waiting for your eyes–your unique vision, to experience it.

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